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How it Works

Registration of all Automobile, Electronics & Documents. (Serialized items.)

Details to capture:


  • Category of item (Motorcycle, Car, truck etc.)
  • Make & Model
  • Registration Number
  • Chassis Number
  • 3rd party Insurance company & expiry date
  • Pictures (Front, Back & Rear view)


  • Category of item (Phone, Tablet, TV Set, fridge, Microwave etc.)
  • Make & Model
  • Serial Number (IMEI)
  • Serial Number (2nd IMEI) Optional
  • Pictures (Front, Back & Rear view)


  • Type of document (National ID, Passport, Driving permit, Other document.)
  • NIN/ID/Serial number

NB: No pictures are required here.

Once items have been registered the following options are available per registered item.

  • Edit (Enabling one to edit any of the previously uploaded information inclusive of pictures.)
  • Changing the status of an item from safe to Lost/Stolen
  • Transfer of ownership (Virtual Agreement of sale) This option is available except for documents.

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