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About Us

Zzula is a social security app on both Playstore & Appstore. It allows users to register their serialized items such as vehicles, electronics & documents keeping the records as safe in the system. In an event of misplacement or theft, the owner can then change status of the item lost/stolen to “LOST”

This then makes it easy to track back the owner of the item incase it’s found by any member of the public or police. Because of such functionality we therefore advise users to register all household items’ serials and images within the app for future use incase their property goes missing.

Zzula also enables one transfer ownership of their property and this transfer is referred to as a virtual transfer agreement. This leaves a footprint of ownership within the app to avoid incidences where one is blamed of having a stolen item and the seller denies responsibility. It’s with such a service that we advise all buyers of second hand items to request the seller to register the item with Zzula and then transfer it to the buyer to create an undeniable footprint of ownership transfer.

Zzula is a product of Michael & Paul Systems (U) Limited. A company of innovators and inventors of systems and products.

zzula.co is a product of Michael and Paul Systems (Uganda) Limited

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